Every Season of The Challenge, Ranked: #35 — Champs vs. Pros

Michael Alvey
8 min readMar 13, 2022

Location: Los Angeles, California

Host: Victor Cruz

Aired: 2017

Champions: Darrell and Cara Maria

Overall Thoughts: For just a six-episode season, a lot is packed into the first of the spinoff seasons, Champs vs. Pros.

An excellent cast of Champs mixed with a solid assortment of professional athletes makes this arguably the most legitimate competition season of all time.

What I love about this season is that it proves how little traditional athleticism matters on The Challenge.

A team of professional athletes (and CM Punk) lost 3/5 missions to a group of reality television stars who only had one player (CT) who played collegiate athletics. The Pros’ final pairing of NFL defensive lineman Kamerion Wimbley and Olympic snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis lost to the first pair out on Fresh Meat II, Darrell and Cara Maria.

The Challenge is its own sport, and Champs vs. Pros showed that even top-tier professional athletes can’t expect to come on the show and dominate.


  • Victor Cruz being the first person to host a Challenge other than TJ in 12 years
  • Lolo saying her charity was more important than everyone else’s
  • Lolo getting in a fight with Lindsey during a friendly flag football game
  • Bananas sparring with CM Punk
  • Cara and Gus’ conversation about him coming out
  • CT and Cara defeating Lolo and Louie in the tiebreaker round of the Over the Line mission
  • Lolo winning all three female eliminations, defeating Candice Wiggins, Tia Blanco and Ashley Mitchell
  • Ashley M having a breakdown after beating Veronica and Ashley K in eliminations, then getting voted in to face Lolo
  • Wes winning all three male eliminations, taking out Bananas, Jordan and Louie Vito
  • CT allowing Wes to go to the final for him


Format: B-