Every Season of The Challenge, Ranked: #41 — Battle of the Sexes 2

Michael Alvey
12 min readMar 4, 2022

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Host: Jonny Moseley

Aired: 2004–05

Champions: The Men (Theo, Dan, Eric and basically Mark)

Overall Thoughts: Man, what a wasted opportunity. For season nine, the The Challenge assembled its greatest cast in its short history.

With huge names like The Miz, Coral, Mark, Theo, Abram,
Veronica, Tonya, Rachel, Ruthie and Katie, along with exciting rookies like Derrick, Brad, Robin, Angela and Frank, it would seem almost impossible for The Challenge to produce a bad season.

And yet, it turned out to be one of the biggest stinkers in the history of the show.


The decision to do another Battle of the Sexes season. After the success of the first Sexes, it made some sense to try to re-create the magic.

But the Women just could not compete with the Men, losing 12/15 missions (and only one of their wins was legitimate).

The Women weren’t as interesting to watch politically as they were on the first Sexes and with the Men (for the most part) voting based strictly on performance again, Sexes 2 became one of the most boring seasons ever.

Here’s my number one thing I always think about Sexes 2 — every season of The Challenge has at least one huge moment.

What’s the biggest moment on Sexes 2?

Brad getting screwed over? Steven getting kicked off for slapping Shane? The Angela/Rachel feud?

None of those things were ever really mentioned on the show again after Sexes 2, which has led to it being one of the least-remembered seasons of all time.


  • Eric and his jump rope
  • Derrick getting hit by a golf cart and befriending a frog in the first episode
  • The prank wars between the Men and Women, leading to the guys stealing the girls’ toilet seats
  • Tonya putting rocks in her mouth in the Melt With You mission