Every Season of The Challenge, Ranked: #46 — World Championship

Michael Alvey
12 min readMay 22, 2023

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Host: TJ Lavin

Aired: 2023

Champions: Jordan and Kaz

Overall Thoughts: World Championship, or as I like to call it, Bore of the Worlds, could very well be the least eventful season in Challenge history.

Most seasons have 10–20 memorable moments. I could barely get to three for this season.

It was a season focused almost solely on competition and politics with barely any in-house drama. While it featured arguably the strongest cast in Challenge history, none of the daily challenges or eliminations will be well-remembered (other than Nelson’s debacle in Tether Brawl). The politics were largely uneventful, as the four teams that made it to the end were working together throughout the season in some capacity.

People will surely think I’m overreacting ranking this as the worst season in Challenge history. My opinions of seasons have often shifted drastically after a rewatch, so in a lot of cases I don’t even put much stock in my own initial rankings.

But when I go back to rewatch seasons, there’s usually several things to look forward to seeing again. I can’t really see a good…