Every Season of The Challenge, Ranked: #9 — War of the Worlds 2

Michael Alvey
15 min readMay 13, 2022

Location: Chiang Mai and Phuket, Thailand

Host: TJ Lavin

Aired: 2019

Champions: Team UK (Jordan, CT, Dee and Rogan)

Overall Thoughts: After a big shift in the show on War of the Worlds, The Challenge continued the focus on the UK castmembers in season 34.

The Brits faced off against the US, and predictably got demolished for most of the season. With the greatest team in Challenge history on the American side, Team UK should have had no chance to win this season.

But the game wasn’t really about the competition, as alliance lines divided the house all season. Cara’s Cult got control of the game after Laurel and Bananas went out, and their reign of terror lasted all the way to the final.

But in one of the most satisfying finals ever, Paulie and Cara had poor performances and their perfect games were spoiled by Team UK.

There’s very few seasons where my opinion has shifted as much as it has upon rewatching War of the Worlds 2. I definitely liked the season as it was airing, but it was hard for me to love it because it’s essentially a Paulie vs. Jordan season, and I don’t like either of…