Spies, Lies & Headlines of The Challenge 37 Episode 10

Michael Alvey
6 min readOct 15, 2021

Every week this season, I’m going to be breaking down the biggest headlines from The Challenge season 37.

Without further ado, LET’S GO!

This Changes Everything

TJ gave us an answer to why Cory and Bettina didn’t get an opportunity to pick new partners after their elimination win.

The game is individual now…but also teams…err…cells?

While I prefer a true individual format where the players’ fates aren’t tied to anyone else, I’m okay with this for now. These teams matter just enough to make me care about them, but not enough that they have an outsized impact on the game. I think we’ll probably get about three more episodes in these teams before it goes to a pure individual game.

I like the expanded agency, I love that the person compromised gets to pick their opponent in elimination, and I’m glad that the elimination winner can switch to whichever team they want, even the Agency.

The poor Ruby team is a mess and has no chance to win any of these missions. Big T is (along with Bettina) the weakest girl left, Emy is strong but not a big asset in team missions, and Logan is injured. Cory is trying to corral this group of misfits together, but Kyle wishes he were on Emerald.

Emerald and Sapphire are both strong teams. If it’s a mission that requires intelligence, the Sapphire team has a huge advantage with CT, Ashley, Amanda, Ed, Bettina and of course Nelson (okay, maybe not Nelson, but he was shockingly the first person to finish the first leg of the mission).

However, the Emerald team has a lot of veteran experience and seems to be the most cohesive team with Devin, Josh, Emmanuel, Kaycee, Nany and Tori.