Spies, Lies & Headlines of The Challenge 37 Episode 16

Michael Alvey
5 min readNov 29, 2021

Every week this season, I’m going to be breaking down the biggest headlines from The Challenge season 37.

Without further ado, LET’S GO!

The End of Big T…Forever?

I knew coming into this episode that Big T would likely be going home if Ruby didn’t win the mission. Unfortunately, “Riverdance” goes down as yet another incredibly predictable episode in an incredibly predictable season.

The last couple episodes ended up being a revolving door for Big T. She went into elimination, lost, came back, went into elimination again, and lost again.

Bringing back Big T feels like such a waste of time. Even if she wasn’t the Agency vote, she was always going to be the most likely person to be called into the Lair because she was the weakest woman left.

Tula couldn’t have had an elimination more tailor-made for her, but she still came up short against Emy.

This was a weird season for Big T. She started off on the outs of the Veteran alliance, but still managed to make it 13 episodes before finally going into elimination. Aside from her incredibly boring showmance with Logan, she didn’t get much screentime this season (especially compared to her starring role last season on Double Agents), but she still brought her usual positive presence to the show.

Sadly, it seems like this might be the last time we see Big T.

As much as I love her, this might be for the best.

While she has a magnetic personality, she’s a layup as a competitor and would never have a real chance of winning the show. Personally, I don’t want to watch season after season of Big T getting her hopes up to make it to the end only to have them crushed right before the final.

Still, not everyone on this show needs to be a contender to win, so if she changes her mind the door should…