Spies, Lies & Headlines of The Challenge 37 Episode 18

Michael Alvey
6 min readDec 13, 2021

Every week this season, I’m going to be breaking down the biggest headlines from The Challenge season 37.

Without further ado, LET’S GO!

The Night of Mistakes

After Satan…err….Logan made the horrible choice to pick Emanuel to face him in elimination, we saw several more bad choices on the Night of Eliminations.

Amanda made two game-ending decisions.

She had the second vote after Emanuel (who voted for her), and put her vote on Tori. If she had put her vote on the rookie Emy instead, there’s a decent chance Emy would have been voted in instead.

When you look at who was left, I think there’s a good chance Nany and Kaycee would have honored the veteran alliance and voted for Emy with her. CT and Emy would have still voted for Amanda, so it likely would have been a 4–4 vote with Devin and Kyle being the swing votes.

Not that any of this really matters because Emy probably would have called out Amanda, and she would have beat her in the Drone Drop elimination.

But where Amanda royally screwed herself was by calling out Tori instead of Nany.

I respect people who play the game loyally and I understand that Amanda didn’t want to call out her “friends”, but I think all bets should be off when those same “friends” were the ones who voted her into elimination.

All things being equal, Nany is the person that Amanda has the best chance to beat in any given elimination (especially this one, even though she didn’t know what it would be).

I don’t know if Amanda could have beat Nany in this elimination, but she would obviously have a better chance of beating her than Tori. I was impressed by the fight Amanda put up against Tori, but eventually Tori realized she’s way stronger than Amanda and turned her into a Gucci Garcia purse.