The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 10 Rankings

Michael Alvey
10 min readFeb 22, 2021

Every week, I’m going to rank the players based on their impact in the episode. These rankings are going to be completely subjective (so please don’t spend too much time critiquing them) based on my feelings of how entertaining the characters were, how they did competitively/politically, and how the episode impacted their overall game.

I’m going to keep running totals to determine who has the best season on Double Agents. The winner of this prestigious championship will be awarded the grand prize of nothing.

Let’s get to it.


18. Kaycee

It’s hilarious to me that she won her gold skull, then immediately went back to being anonymous. Kaycee is the type of character who is only going to get screentime if she’s pertinent to the story.

17. Big T

Big T and CT had a chance to win the mission, but they were slightly off on the puzzle and got passed by Devin/Gabby at the end.

It’s been sad to see how Big T’s screentime has fallen off. In the first five episodes, she had 39 confessionals. In the last five, she’s had a paltry 13 (and seven came in one episode, the other four episodes she only had either one or two confessionals).

Hopefully this changes soon.

16. Aneesa

She was pretty quiet again this episode. They even gave her another confessional talking about Cory’s partner luck, but it fell flat compared to last week.

15–14. Kamroy

CT and Theresa had to be laughing at home when they watched Kam criticize Devin for playing a revenge game, while saying she likes to use her power to make friends with her enemies.

I know she tried to help Nany get her skull when she was the Double Agent a couple weeks ago, but she can’t pretend that she doesn’t play a vengeful game.

13. CT

He’s made it clear he wants to go in and steal Josh’s skull. We’ll see if he actually gets that chance, or if he’s pitted against a stronger competitor with the hope that he’ll go home.

12. Amber M