The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16 Rankings

Michael Alvey
6 min readApr 5, 2021

Every week, I’m going to rank the players based on their impact in the episode. These rankings are going to be completely subjective (so please don’t spend too much time critiquing them) based on my feelings of how entertaining the characters were, how they did competitively/politically, and how the episode impacted their overall game.

I’m going to keep running totals to determine who has the best season on Double Agents. The winner of this prestigious championship will be awarded the grand prize of nothing.

Also, since more than half the cast has been eliminated, the scoring will now be in increments of 1.5.


10. Cory

He really had no role in this episode whatsoever.

9. Nany

She’s hoping that the third time will be the charm with Kyle.

While some (like u/Epicsteel33) have suggested that Nany’s move could end up being a brilliant strategic move because if Kyle gets eliminated next she will end up with a better partner anyway, there is no way on Earth that Nany actually was that calculated about her move.

For some reason, she clearly thinks that Kyle would be a better parter for a final than CT, which is really just insane.

8. Kam

Is Kam going to just do everything for Leroy in the final too?

I mean, I understand the strategy of helping Leroy and Kaycee in the Global Domination mission (what a name, by the way), but it’s a little annoying that two challenges this season have basically been rigged in their favor by Kam.

Obviously it’s worked out in her favor, so it’s kind of a don’t hate the player, hate the game situation.

7. Fessy

He got stolen for the third time this season, as he’s now with Amber. It’ll be interesting to see what his mindset is going into the next challenge.

Is he so afraid of going to the final with Amber as his partner that he volunteers himself for elimination to try to steal Kaycee?

6. Leroy