The Challenge Hall of Fame

Michael Alvey
16 min readOct 27, 2021

In 1936, Major League Baseball had their first Hall of Fame class, with five inaugural inductees getting enshrined in Cooperstown.

At that point, MLB had 62 seasons of history in the rear view.

MTV’s The Challenge hasn’t had that many seasons yet, but at the rate it’s going it will eventually get there.

There have been some attempts at Challenge Hall of Fames in the past, but the ones I’ve seen have either been incredibly bad or they don’t have enough people in it to call it comprehensive.

This obviously isn’t an official Hall of Fame. I’m writing this as my opinion on if there were a hypothetical Hall of Fame (which would of course be located in Phuket, Thailand), who would be worthy of enshrinement?

Unlike professional sports Hall of Fames, my HOF doesn’t have an inaugural class where only five people get in. Everyone who deserves to be a Hall of Famer gets in right away.

No voting on new inductees every year. If someone who’s still on the show becomes a Hall of Famer in my eyes, I’ll put them in.

Major League Baseball currently has 333 members, made up of ex-players, managers, executives, pioneers and umpires.

My Hall of Fame has 42 Hall of Famers, made up of 36 castmembers, five members of production and one host (Victor Cruz, obviously).

Instead of just listing all of my Hall of Famers, I wanted to distinguish them by categories. Please keep in mind that ultimately they are all Hall of Famers, so don’t get too hung up on the classifications.

The five categories:

  • S-Tier- These Hall of Famers were all at one point (or still currently) true faces of the franchise. (14 members)
  • A-Tier- All of these Hall of Famers could arguably make it in for their contributions as both a competitor and as a character. (12 members)
  • Player Wing- Some of the greatest players in Challenge history. However, if you just judged them as characters, they wouldn’t make the Hall of Fame. (6 members)
  • Character Wing- The opposite of the Player Wing. These are highly impactful characters who wouldn’t make the Hall of Fame for their gameplay alone. (5 members)