The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 3 Impact Rankings

Michael Alvey
11 min readOct 28, 2022

Every week, I’m going to rank the players based on their impact on the episode. These rankings are going to be completely subjective (so please don’t spend too much time critiquing them) based on my feelings of how entertaining the characters were, how they did competitively/politically, and how the episode impacted their overall game.

I’m going to keep running totals to determine who has the biggest impact on Ride or Dies. The winner of this prestigious championship will be awarded the grand prize of nothing.

As Devin would say, “LET’S GO!”

26–21. Amber, Kenny, Jakk, Nany, Chauncey, Devin

These are the people who I have nothing to say about this week, so I’m just going to use this space to rant.

Apparently, a lot of interesting stuff has been edited out of this season, including:

  • A huge Ravyn/Nurys fight where security had to get involved
  • Fights between Colleen/Devin and Colleen/Jay
  • Olivia calling Tommy/Analyse the fakest people in the house when they were thrown in by Tommy/Analyse

Obviously there’s limited time to show everything (although the point of switching to 1.5 hour episodes was to include more stuff that wouldn’t otherwise make air), but everything I just listed is more interesting than anything that happened this episode.

If stuff like this is gonna be edited out, they might as well just put the show on CBS and get better ratings.

This has been happening the last several seasons, seemingly ever since the Dee debacle during Total Madness. It seems like the show has bought into the “fifth major sport” aspect, but it’s not a sport. If it was, it would be the worst sport ever because of how arbitrary and unfair the rules are.

It’s a reality show, and while there is a segment of fans who watch only for the competition aspect, there is still a large contingency of fans who want to see the messy drama.

The Challenge is my favorite show because it can be watched for so many different reasons. When CT was asked to explain what The Challenge is during the Untold History documentary, he gave the…