The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 7 Impact Rankings

Michael Alvey
13 min readNov 25, 2022

Every week, I’m going to rank the players based on their impact on the episode. These rankings are going to be completely subjective (so please don’t spend too much time critiquing them) based on my feelings of how entertaining the characters were, how they did competitively/politically, and how the episode impacted their overall game.

I’m going to keep running totals to determine who has the biggest impact on Ride or Dies. The winner of this prestigious championship will be awarded the grand prize of nothing.

As Devin would say, “LET’S GO!”

20. Horacio

This was my favorite episode of the season since the premiere.

Horacio had no screentime this episode.

Correlation or causation?

19. Kenny

Once again, we didn’t hear a peep out of KenBot.

You would have thought the Clark family would have programmed a few words in him for communication purposes, but when you have someone as charismatic and entertaining as Kaycee, who needs to hear anything from KenBot?

18–17. Moriah and Fessy

With his belles Colleen and Laurel going out back-to-back, Fuck Boi Fess must be getting lonely.

But at least he’s best pals again with the guy who he screwed over two seasons ago, so he got to avoid elimination once again.

With Amber/Chauncey finally getting nominated for the first time, the only teams that haven’t been nominated so far are Fessy/Moriah and Nelson/Nurys.

16. Kaycee

We didn’t see much from her this episode, as usual.

But I did enjoy the scene of her breaking down how the game is playing out with Faysal and how it will all come down to core alliances and a few individual connections.

On the surface, it would seem like the only people who will truly have Kaycee’s back are Nany and Fessy, and yet she has been avoiding draws like it’s nobody’s business.

Is this because people don’t view her and KenBot as a threat, or because Kaycee has more seeds planted than we’re aware of?