The Greatest Female Players in Challenge History: #17 — Dee Nguyen

3 Seasons: War of the Worlds, War of the Worlds 2 (Win), Total Madness

3–2 Elimination Record

12 Challenge Wins

Daily Challenges: 8/10

Eliminations: 8/10

Finals: 8/10

Politics: 7/10

With her career now finished, assessing the short but solid career of Dee is a challenge.

Dee and Wes were an excellent duo on War of the Worlds, making four tribunals in the partner portion —tied for most of any team with Cara/Theo — and beating Zach/Zahida in elimination.

When the game shifted to individual play, Dee made the tribunal in the Highway to Hell mission, but lost before the final to Da’Vonne in Tug O’ War. She finished the season with five tribunal appearances, tied with Cara Maria for most out of any girl on the season.

War of the Worlds 2 might have been Dee’s least impressive season, but she was able to ride her alliance all the way to the final without ever seeing an elimination. In one of the best moments of the season, Dee proved the doubters wrong with a strong showing in the Puzzling Swim purge, as Joss/Kayleigh got sent home.

Dee performed well in the final, taking two turns on the gurney and solving the puzzle before everyone besides Ninja and CT. Dee’s victory made her the first new female champion since Ashley on Invasion.

Dee had another strong showing competitively on Total Madness, making four tribunals and earning elimination wins against Ashley and Mattie, before getting eliminated in Hall Brawl by Jenny. Dee gunning for Jenny early in the season sunk her game, as she was the only person who had to go into three eliminations other than Jay.

There weren’t many holes in Dee’s game. She was excellent at puzzles, was well-liked (at least in her first two seasons), and had more heart than any female since Camila.

She likely would have been a fixture on the show for many more years, but mistakes made outside of the show turned her into a Challenge “what if”.


25. Holly Shand

24. Nicole Zanatta

23. Ruthie Alcaide

22. Theresa Jones

21. Jenna Compono

20. Jillian Zobroski

19. Tori Deal

18. Diem Brown

17. Dee Nguyen

16. Jenn Grijalva

15. Tori Hall

14. Ashley Mitchell

13. Jodi Weatherton

12. Veronica Portillo

11. Paula Meronek

10. Susie Meister

9. Coral Smith

8. Rachel Robinson

7. Kam Williams

6. Sarah Rice

5. Camila Nakagawa

4. Emily Schromm

3. Cara Maria Sorbello

2. Evelyn Smith

  1. Laurel Stucky




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Michael Alvey

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