The Greatest Female Players in Challenge History: #23 — Amber Borzotra

Michael Alvey
3 min readFeb 22, 2023

4 Seasons: Double Agents (Win), Spies, Lies & Allies, Ride or Dies, World Championship

5–2 Elimination Record

2 Daily Wins

Daily Challenges: 4/10

Eliminations: 8.5/10

Finals: 8.5/10

Politics: 3.5/10

Arguably the most shocking winner in Challenge history, Amber made history as a rookie on Double Agents, becoming the first female rookie to win the show in nearly a decade.

Despite her champion status, it’s still extremely difficult to assess Amber.

The fact that she won Double Agents is still crazy, but the season in itself wasn’t that impressive for her. She won Hall Brawl eliminations against munchkins in Amber M and Big T, and while she had a great showing in the final, having CT as her partner certainly helped.

On Spies, Lies & Allies, she was blindsided early by Fessy, but was able to keep composed and defeat Michele/Corey L with Hughie in Down to the Wire.

Amber was thrown in again right before the switch to teams, where she and Jeremiah lost to Cory/Bettina in Hang in the Balance.

On Ride or Dies, Amber and Chauncey made it deep but were one of the weakest teams of the season. They were able to pull off a win against Darrell/Veronica in Deep Web, and Amber took out Nurys in Pato Brawl.

But ultimately, they came up short at the final six against Aneesa/Jordan in Rumble Tumble.

Amber didn’t do much of note on World Championship, leaving midway through the season after finding out she was pregnant.

As of now, the positives about Amber’s career are obviously her win in the Double Agents final and her performance in eliminations, although even those can be nit-picked.

Beating Amber M and Big T in Hall Brawl is not impressive at all, she and Hughie defeated a discombobulated Michele/Corey L on SLA, and although she flew threw the webs in the elimination against Darrell/Veronica on Ride or Dies, it took her and Chauncey hours to complete the puzzle.