The Greatest Female Players in Challenge History: #25 — KellyAnne Judd

Michael Alvey
3 min readJul 19, 2022

7 Seasons: The Island, The Ruins (Final), Battle of the Bloodlines, Rivals III, All Stars (3rd place), All Stars 3 (4th place), World Championship

6–5 Elimination Record

7 Challenge Wins

Daily Challenges: 8/10

Eliminations: 8.5/10

Finals: 7.5/10

Politics: 2.5/10

KellyAnne burst onto the scene and immediately established herself as one of the top female competitors in her first two seasons.

On The Island, she had an impressive Face-Off victory against Rachel and Robin in The Rack. Unfortunately, she was on the bad side of Kenny and Bananas, and they convinced Ryan to steal her key before the final.

KellyAnne was feared by the Champion women on The Ruins, as they wanted no part of her in elimination. She defeated Evelyn (who threw her elimination) and Veronica to reach her first final.

KellyAnne and Sarah almost pulled off a massive upset in the final, but they were passed on the final puzzle.

KellyAnne took a long break from The Challenge before coming back on Bloodlines. Paired with her cousin Anthony and saddled on the terrible Blue team, she had an uphill battle. She was able to take out Nany in elimination before falling to Jenna.

She got paired with the defending champion Jamie on Rivals III, but the duo struggled together. They defeated Nelson/Amanda in elimination, but were defeated by Wes/Nany.

KellyAnne came back on All Stars and was one of the top women on the season. She won the difficult Rib Cage Pass mission and tied for third in the final. If there would have been a female winner, it likely would have been KellyAnne, as she won three stages and beat Jonna (who she tied in points with) on the final mountain climb.

On All Stars 3, she and Kendal were targeted by the Treehouse. However, she was somehow able to avoid elimination all season (having her elimination with Kailah canceled). She made two Authorities during the season (including an individual win in Stacked), but had a rough performance in the final, getting eliminated by Kailah.