The Greatest Female Players in Challenge History: #6 — Kaycee Clark

Michael Alvey
3 min readJul 19, 2022

5 Seasons: Total Madness (Final), Double Agents (4th place), Spies, Lies & Allies (Win), Ride or Dies, World Champiomship (3rd place)

7–1 Elimination Record

18 Challenge Wins

Daily Challenges: 8.5/10

Eliminations: 9.5/10

Finals: 7.5/10

Politics: 9.5/10

With her combination of excellent strength and under-the-radar politics, Kaycee has quickly rocketed her way up the all-time rankings.

She was one of just six women to start her career with three consecutive finals appearances, joining Coral Smith, Susie Meister, Laurel Stucky, Emily Schromm and Jenna Compono.

The Big Brother 20 winner had a solid start to her career on Total Madness, making the tribunal three times (including an individual win in the final mission, Crash Course), beating Kailah in elimination and placing second in the final among the women behind Jenny.

Kaycee’s best season so far came on Double Agents. She and Leroy combined to win five missions, and she took out Theresa in the Snapping Point elimination. But her season came to a sad end in the final when an injury caused her and Fessy to get purged.

Finally playing in a season without skulls, Kaycee was able to skate her way to the final on Spies, Lies & Allies without seeing an elimination. She and Emanuel won the Turning Points mission, and she was a key cog of the Emerald Cell that won five missions.

Kaycee wasn’t all that impressive in the final, getting stuck on the Orange team where she was forced to take out her girlfriend, Nany, in elimination.

But she got to choose CT to be her partner for the last leg, and they were able to put in their code before Tori/Kyle to win the season.

On Ride or Dies with her wildly entertaining brother, Kenny, the duo failed to win any missions together. When they got split up in the team portion, Kenny was quickly eliminated.

That caused Kaycee to have to compete in the redemption eliminations with Kenny, where they lost to Fessy/Moriah in Don’t Let Me Down and Jordan/Aneesa in Knot So Fast.