The Greatest Female Players in Challenge History: #13- Susie Meister

4 Seasons: Extreme Challenge (Final), Gauntlet 2 (Win), Inferno 3 (Final), The Ruins (Win)

4–0 Elimination Record

25 Challenge Wins

Daily Challenges: 7.5/10

Eliminations: 8.5/10

Finals: 6.5/10

Politics: 10/10

There’s never been a more cunning female player than Susie Meister. One of just three women in these rankings with an unblemished record, Susie reached the end of the game in all four of her seasons.

Although her first appearance on Extreme Challenge had no eliminations, Susie stayed out of the elimination ring for all of Gauntlet 2.

Her and Cara were accused of cutting a deal with the Veteran guys, causing the Rookie team to mistrust them, but Susie was a good enough competitor that she was never called out by Kina. The Rookies were able to win the dumbest final of all time, as they won the eating challenge and made the rest of the final irrelevant.

Susie’s political mastery took off on Inferno 3, as she recruited Cara and Colie to throw missions to help her win the first two Life Shields to stay out of elimination. She finally had to face Jenn in the third female elimination (they were both nominated for the first three eliminations), as Susie took her out in Zero Gravity.

Susie again won the Life Shield for the last girls elimination, winning the difficult Nothin’ But Net mission (her and Evelyn were the only females to complete the mission). Her efforts to make the final didn’t pay off in the end, as the Bad Asses defeated the Good Guys.

Despite not coming out with a win, Susie’s performance on Inferno 3 has to be considered among the greatest showings by a female in a team challenge. She won three out four life shields, took out Jenn in elimination and played one of the best political games by a female in Challenge history.

Placed on the Champions team on The Ruins, Susie worked herself into the good graces of JEK (more so Evan and Kenny), as she and Johanna were their top girls.

Susie was chosen by the Challengers to face Brianna in the third elimination, where she won in Burnout.

She didn’t go into elimination again until the Champions ran out of females. Fearing having to go in against a beast like KellyAnne, Susie threatened her teammates that she would sit down in the final challenge and cause the Champions to lose if they pitted her against her. The strategy worked, as she got to face Kimberly in one of the best female eliminations of all time, and beat Casey in the final elimination (Susie got to choose her opponent for the final elimination).

The Challengers surprisingly gave the Champions a run for their money in the finals, but Susie and Evan were able to solve the final puzzle to win in the end.

Susie wasn’t an elite competitor, but she was always above-average (it’s harder to judge her since she only did team challenges). But she ranks this high for being one of the best political players — man or woman — of all time.


25. KellyAnne Judd

24. Jenna Compono

23. Amber Borzotra

22. Nany Gonzalez

21. Diem Brown

20. Dee Nguyen

19. Jenn Grijalva

18. Tori Hall

17. Jonna Mannion

16. Ashley Mitchell

15. Veronica Portillo

14. Paula Meronek

13. Susie Meister

12. Coral Smith

11. Rachel Robinson

10. Kam Williams

9. Jodi Weatherton

8. Tori Deal

7. Kaycee Clark

6. Emily Schromm

5. Sarah Rice

4. Camila Nakagawa

3. Cara Maria Sorbello

2. Evelyn Smith

  1. Laurel Stucky



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