The Greatest Male Players in Challenge History: #10- Brad Fiorenza

Michael Alvey
3 min readFeb 1, 2019

12 Seasons: Battle of the Sexes 2, Inferno II, Gauntlet II, The Duel (2nd place), Gauntlet III (Final), Duel II (2nd place), The Ruins, Cutthroat (Win), Vendettas, Final Reckoning, All Stars 2, All Stars 3 (2nd place)

7–7 Elimination Record

48 Challenge Wins

Daily Challenges: 9/10

Eliminations: 8/10

Finals: 8/10

Politics: 8.5/10

Consistency is the key to Brad’s career. Ever since his first appearance on Battle of the Sexes II, Brad has been one of the top competitors every season he’s been on.

Although it took him four seasons to make his first final, he was screwed by the veterans on his team to save Eric Nies on Sexes II, having outperformed guys like Abe, Derrick and The Miz among others on that season. He was again a strong contributor on his next two seasons, but lost physical eliminations to Abe and Derrick.

From The Duel to Cutthroat, Brad went on an unbelievable run without being eliminated (not counting his fight with Darrell on the The Ruins), making four finals and earning elimination wins over Big Easy, CT (on a technicality), MJ and Landon.

Politically, Brad has almost always been in dominant alliances, including being in the top four guys on both of The Duel seasons and running the show on the red team on Cutthroat, staying out of elimination the whole season.

After taking 10 seasons off, he returned on Vendettas and took out Victor and Frank S before losing a horribly constructed elimination to Leroy right before the final.

Truthfully, other than Final Reckoning when he and Kyle lost three eliminations, Brad really doesn’t have a bad season on his record. And even on Final Reckoning he won two daily challenges.

His work in the All Stars series has only helped his resume, as he won three missions and beat Derrick in elimination on All Stars 2, and on All Stars 3 he made four Authorities (most out of any male) and aligned with Wes, Nehemiah, Mark and Derrick to make the final. But once again he came up short in the final.

While he has just one win, he could easily have four. Wes’ soccer kicks on The Duel, Big Easy dying on Gauntlet III and his cramps on Duel II had him narrowly miss out on wins those seasons.

A jack of all trade but a master of none, Brad finds a way to make it deep every season.


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