War of the Worlds 2 Episode 12 Power Rankings


Stray Thoughts

  • Team UK has solidified themselves as the dumbest team in Challenge history. They threw a challenge with finally the right intention — starting to trim the fat from their team. But Rogan chickened out on getting Dee sent in, and instead they threw their two best females against each other. They’ve been much more focused on keeping their numbers strong instead of their team strong.
  • I don’t mind there being a purge next week, but I’m worried about the fairness of it. I don’t know how the players will be paired (there’s four guys and five girls on the US team, while there’s four guys and three girls on the UK team), but it’s not hard to imagine someone getting absolutely screwed.
  • Hall Brawl is a classic, but I wasn’t a fan of the Escape to Freedom mission. I think it should have been timed individually instead of as a team (which resulted in CT completely ending the mission), and putting someone from the opposite team in as a road block just seemed pointless.
  • The music department continues to be the MVP of the season. “It Takes Two,” “Monday, Monday” and “Little Lies” were all unexpectedly hilarious choices.
  • Episode Grade: B-

Season Standings



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