War of the Worlds 2 Episode 4 Power Rankings


  1. Laurel- Where do you even start with this episode for Laurel?

Stray Thoughts

  • I think Ninja won the elimination fair and square. TJ shouldn’t have blown the horn when the elimination wasn’t complete, but Ninja had her 21 branches in before Laurel, so I think it’s a legit victory for her. I can see the argument that they should have reset, and as much as I’d rather have seen Laurel stay over Ninja, I don’t have a problem with the decision.
  • Both the mission and eliminations were great this episode, not just in the drama but happened during them, but in their overall design. It was fun seeing people getting blasted by water, balls and rolling orbs in the Relic Runner mission, and Branched Out might have been my favorite climbing-based elimination ever (Wrecking Wall on Free Agents is its biggest competition for me).
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much fighting during one daily challenge as there was this episode. We had Bananas vs. Ashley, Paulie vs. Nany, Cara vs. CT and the UK all fighting within themselves over who the speaker of the tribunal would be. TJ telling everyone to shut the fuck up was priceless.
  • A lot was made of the politics on the US team this week, but we also got to see a glimpse of what the UK alliances are. Bear, Theo, Georgia, Nicole and Jenny all voted for Kyle to be the speaker of the tribunal, while Rogan, Joss, Kayleigh, CT, Esther and Idris voted for Dee. There aren’t too many surprises in there, but it’s interesting to see where some of the underedited rookies like Idris, Jenny and Esther stand.
  • The music department is killing this season. In four episodes, we have heard classic songs like Fortunate Son, Stand by Me, Carry on My Wayward Son and Rambling Man. Also, there was a song by former castmember Davis Mallory in this episode, who’s best known in the Challenge world for getting cold-cocked by CT on Inferno 3.
  • I thought there was a decent chance Ninja would switch teams, but it really didn’t make sense for her. If she switched, the US would have thrown her in every time when they won on a girls day. It’s just hard to see anyone switching sides at this point, other than maybe CT or Kyle.

Season Standings

  1. (Grizzly) Bear (110)



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